One of the most exciting developments in promotional and memorable photography and videography is the drone.

Our for-hire drone system is equipped with a Hasselblad camera that outputs spectacular quality birds-eye view photos and videos of ground based objects, situations, and events. Click to see some EXAMPLES.

Whether you are looking to enhance the listing or sale of real-estate property, or preserve the personal memory of a landscape or special event, Drone Over Homestead is a FAA registered and Part 107 certified resource for all types of aerial photography and videography.

Use your imagination, or tap into ours. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss your project.

Standard pricing ranges from $250 to $550 and includes all photo and video production. Your finished project is delivered to you online, on a flash-drive, or on any suitable storage device you provide. Introduction to drones and 1-hour lessons are available for $149. STEM student and family class on Drone technology available for $99.

In the restricted areas of Homestead, please allow 30-60 days before your project to allow us the necessary time to request and receive flight authorization* from the proper authority.

Contact Us
(FAA certificate number FA3FWRPKKF)
Phone/Text: 630-642-6500

*The majority of Homestead, Florida airspace is restricted. Therefore, commercial use drone pilots must register their flights and pass Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Administration’s requirements, regulations, and guidelines for small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS.) Unauthorized pilots can be reported to the FAA drone support center by calling 1-844-FLY-MYUAS